We are very pleased that you are considering our company as your next entertainment and gaming business opportunity! Franchisees should possess a passion for the brand and desire bring customers the highest level experience. In order to begin the process, you must first fill our franchise request form.

Contender eSports Gaming Centers

Upon confidential review of your information and preliminary approval, you will be notified of our mutual interest. You will then be sent an application to complete online. You may want to review our frequently asked questions page. Once your application is pre-approved you will also receive:. You can request an application using our online form:. A Franchise Development Representative will schedule an interview with you from our home offices in the United States.

Contender eSports will evaluate your financial statements and background information. If necessary, we reserve the right for a second interview. Upon approval, a franchise agreement will be delivered to you. Once you're fully approved, you'll have the option of attending a Decision Day at one of our locations.

During your time with us, you will be introduced to the full operation of Contender eSports, visit with acting managers as well as the ownership group, meet representatives of all of our partners who will be serving you, and experiencing all of the elements of the gaming center. At this point, you are now a Contender eSports franchisee and are ready to get your new business open! Get Started. Designed to help you make the right decision. Thank you for your interest in Contender eSports!

Complete Franchise Request Form In order to begin the process, you must first fill our franchise request form. Approval Contender eSports will evaluate your financial statements and background information. Optional Decision Day Once you're fully approved, you'll have the option of attending a Decision Day at one of our locations.Contender eSports was founded in and provides custom built gaming stations, operational, marketing and support systems for a full franchise concept from A to Z.

Please refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document for additional details. We do not have an in-house financing program but regularly work with banks and all countries to help provide them the information that they need to properly provide financing to our franchisees. We also have close relationships with Benetrends, Guidant Financial, and FranFund, all of which have provided funding for our franchisees.

We can supply directly contact information.

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Yes, the time tested Contender eSports systems are clear and simple to follow. All franchisees are provided with extensive business and operational training, as well as ongoing training and updated operations manuals. We provide clear direction on real estate site selection based on the demographic material. The ideal size range for a Contender eSports Franchise is generally to Sq. They're usually located in neighborhood and community strip centers, power centers, shopping malls, universities, airports, malls and downtown business district locations.

The optimal area is typically densely populated, has significant traffic count, is highly visible and is located near numerous traffic generators. We offer a value-based product so our guests need to have some ancillary income in order to frequent our locations on a regular basis. Therefore, we try to find locations amongst the average household incomes or higher for a given market.

We cannot exclude certain areas given the range of our guests overall and so we do not limit ourselves to a particular set of demographics across the board. Since the actual results of individual franchises are based on factors that are not within the control of Contender eSports, we do not provide estimates of profits or revenues. However, after consulting with a Contender eSports Franchise Development Manager and reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document FDDyou will have the opportunity to contact our existing franchisees regarding their experiences.

Each qualified candidate receives a copy of the Contender eSports Franchise Disclosure Document FDDwhich provides the following information and more: franchisors financial statements, copy of the franchise agreement, copy of the area development agreement, cost break downs, advertising fees, royalties, and initial franchise fees. Training is split up into four segments. The first segment is business training, which can be taken at our online Academy and generally consists of four weeks of intense online training which happens immediately after the franchise agreement is signed.

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When construction begins on your store, the second phase of operational training occurs at our headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona and takes four days. Once the buildout is complete, the third stage of training happens at your location with our gaming center trainers and takes seven days prior to opening.

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The final stage of training occurs after your open when you work directly with the business consultant assigned to you. This training happens each week on a 1 to 2 hour phone call to review the progress of your store and proper application of the skills that have been taught. Contender eSports recommends team members on staff, with 1 staff member in the store Monday through Thursday and in the store at on Friday through Sunday.

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Hours of operation are Monday to Thursday 9 am - 10 pm, Friday and Saturday 12 pm - 2 am, and Sunday 1 pm - 10 pm. Many customers will have specific attributes and add-ons that they may use playing at home.With thousands of franchise brands to choose from, the process of choosing a brand that suits your goals and personality can be daunting. This is especially true for franchisees for the first time.

While each franchise system may have something big to offer, the burden falls on you to carry out due diligence and determine which investment will work best for you.

Contender eSports Website Overview

But where do you start? When looking for a franchise opportunity, how can you be sure that the concept you are seeing is a winner?

In the multiple years that we have dedicated to the development of franchises, we have spoken with innumerable perspectives of different levels of experience and interest. Before buying a franchise brand, we always suggest that you ask these four questions:.

In entrepreneurship, everything is reduced to passion. Are you passionate about the brand? Do you think what it means? Do you trust your products and services? If you want to have any chance of success, these fundamental questions should be answered affirmatively.

In the same way that Contender eSports routinely asks customers what brings them in to join us, we encourage potential franchisees to ask themselves this question. What are you looking for in joining Contender eSports? Most of the time, your response involves improving your financial position and well-being of your family and sharing a product that you really enjoy. In fact, the passion and enthusiasm for the product that I see in potential franchisees are unparalleled.

When there are so many people totally dedicated to the mission and ideals of the brand, it extends to the employees and guests of the franchisee and constantly drives the momentum. As important as the passion is the success of your brand, the viability is probably as important. When deciding between different franchise concepts, you must be completely honest with yourself.

Can you honestly see that this brand works in your area? Is there enough demand for an entertainment product like this? Are there enough concepts in my area to cover this need?

The answers to these questions can tell you a lot about whether you are on the right track or not. Actually liking what you're selling is critical.Indoor trampoline parks are great for people with high energy who would like to share that energy with others. Trampoline parks are a great way to cover a large portion of the market—young kids and teens who want to jump for fun, adults getting back to the basics, people who like to stay fit in a fun way—the market is wide open with this kind of business.

This business also requires a number of employees upfront. You'll need to employ a front desk worker to check guests in, a few employees to supervise jumps, and, if you have concessions, employees to work the stand.

Sky Zone dominates the market, but there are big competitors like Altitude and Rockin' Jump. The demand for the fun activities trampoline parks offer is causing them to pop up across the country and the globe. We reached out to each franchise on the list, and were able to hold an in-depth interview with Rockin' Jump. The biggest name in trampoline parks, SkyZone provides franchisees with brand recognition and a proven franchise system.

SkyZone provides customers with a unique jump experience, including climbing, basketball, and Ultimate Dodgeball Championship. Offering interesting attractions like balance beam baton fights, Big Air is a trampoline park that uses decades of professional experience to deliver a great jumping experience.

Altitude Trampoline Park is available on three continents across the globe. Franchise Overview. Franchise Opportunities. Business Ideas.Smart Communications, Inc. Smart's wireless broadband subscribers number 3. Smart offers commercial wireless services through its 2G3G3. It has recently entered the research and development phase for its 5G services. The company has introduced wireless offerings such as Smart Money, [5] a mobile electronic wallet that also enables its SMS-based money remittance service Smart Padala.

It has also been recognized for introducing the world's first over-the-air electronic prepaid loading service called Smart Load. Anticipating the liberalization of the telecommunications industry in the Philippines a group of Filipino investors led by Orlando B. Vea and David T. The company obtained its congressional franchise in April and was granted a provisional authority to operate a mobile cellular service in May In DecemberSmart commenced commercial operations of its cellular service.

contender esports fdd

By then, Smart had drawn in partners. The Netphone was introduced as the world's first smartphone backed by an operator-managed platform. On June 13,Smart and its parent company PLDT unveiled their new logos and identity as part of the company's continuing digital pivot.

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On February[13] Smart and parent company PLDT signed a memorandum of understanding with China-based Huawei Technologies "to shape the strategic and commercial development of the 5G ecosystem in the Philippines". In Octoberpetitioners asked the Supreme Court to stop Globe and Smart from using the Mhz [14] and Smart announced that they were working to fix its slow internet service.

Contender eSports Gaming Centers

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Terrence Palangyos. Retrieved PLDT: Which had more subscribers in ? June 14, At Contender eSports, we understand that being at the head of the pack in the category requires us to often look past what's right in front of us, to what lies on in the future.

We continually view the "momentum" of our company through KPI's that are unquestionable measurements of our growth. We understand that our achievements have always started with a great thought that is shared, developed and seamlessly instituted by passionate individuals that share our dreams.

contender esports fdd

In all areas of our business model and corporate structure, we have got the ball rolling and paved a well- planned path that directs us to help our stores improve their growth and strengthen their customer base that love our products. Fueling unit performance and system growth.

Growing Market Share At Contender eSports, we understand that being at the head of the pack in the category requires us to often look past what's right in front of us, to what lies on in the future. Maintaining The Pace We continually view the "momentum" of our company through KPI's that are unquestionable measurements of our growth.By Cheryl Hall.

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Which Wich has units just two company-owned in 42 states and 11 countries with franchisees. Sinelli has visions of continuing an expansion march of 50 to 70 new stores a year — including a push into international markets. Think soyrizo vegan chorizosmoked salmon, caramelized onions, scallions and roasted garlic aioli.

contender esports fdd

We going toward that craveable, curated sandwich that we feel are the best sandwiches in the industry. Hoping to tap into the breakfast and brunch business, Which Wich recently introduced Eggwiches, featuring a runny, sunny-side-up egg atop roasted beef and lamb gyro slices, pulled pork or sirloin steak.

Everything about Which Wich is mustard yellow or mayo white emboldened with black. I walk on a plane wearing a Which Wich shirt. Ten years ago, no one recognized the logo.

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Now the flight attendants are asking did I bring any sandwiches. Every day is completely unpredictable. We laugh all day long. We both love creating things. We just seem to work well together.

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Jeff is a fixture in the conscious capitalism world and someone who worries about giving back. He seems young and has so much energy.

Ina year-old Sinelli had the audacious goal of establishing a national customized sandwich chain with hundreds of franchise units.

I wrote about him just months after he opened his Main Street encampment in a vacated Subway — back when Main Street was anything but mainstream. Yet there was something about this live wire from Detroit that made me believe he had the moxie to pull it off. Award from Nation's Restaurant News in But after growing the pick-your-ingredients, stir-fry-in-a-bowl chain to 11 units in five states, he and his partners, Consilient Restaurants LP, had a falling out that left him licking his financial wounds and searching for his next big thing.